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The Immortals of Australian Motor Racing, with Luke West

By Sam Street | 20 September 2021

This week we have a bit of a departure from the usual industry news, but what fun we had talking to Luke West: a lifelong motorsport enthusiast, writer and commentator.

He tells us some stories about his time covering the sport, and gives a great insight into some of the characters he’s dealt with down the years, including some of the biggest household names in the sport.

He wrote for Auto Action, was editor of Australian Muscle Car for 8 years, and currently works as an o-course announcer for major races including the Bathurst 1,000. In more recent times he has turned his hand to book publishing, so he tells us some more about his great new book “The Immortals of Australian Motor Racing”.

In this week’s episode you will learn:

  • How Luke was inspired to be involved in motor sport
  • Why Dick Johnson is such a legend
  • Luke’s best commentary moments
  • The future of supercar repair
  • How the car industry will embrace motor racing in future
  • Luke’s latest book, “The Immortals of Australian Motor Racing”
  • The diffferent personalities of driving megastars
  • What was the common denominator for the immortals

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