Toddler’s Owner’s Manual


A humorous operating guide for fathers, The Toddlers Owners Manual is sure to bring a smile to any dad s face. Written by a man for men, this book likens a toddler to the other love in a mans life, not his wife his car. This companion piece to the successful Baby Owners Manual is also packaged in the form of a retro car manual. This essential handbook covers the difficult ownership period of your Mother Nature Heavy Industry child from 18 months to three years.

This out of warranty period can be difficult and the manual will help fathers navigate such vexing stages as solid food consumption, child self waste disposal training, tentative first steps as well as long term servicing and immunisation issues and maximizing the usefulness of your toddler. This is a must have book for any father facing the challenges of a rapidly developing little human.
ISBN: 9781925017199
Published: AUG/14 (AU/NZ), AUG/14 (UK)
Packaging Type: Paperback

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