The Maroons

Queensland's State of Origin heroes


The Maroons exposes the family factors that helped forge the resolve of every player to represent Queensland in the history of State of Origin.
This is more than a rugby league book. Its a book about the children of fruit pickers, butchers, military personnel; of truckers and railway workers. Its the story of kids who were told they werent good enough. And the story of those seemingly always destined for greatness. Its about Broncos, Titans and Cowboys.
Its a book about resilience, leadership, Queenslands history - both proud and shameful - and those who would stop at nothing to realise their united footy dream. Collectively, the stories explain why the northern state has held an edge over its bitter southern rival.
ISBN: 9781925946970
Published: MAY/22 (AU/NZ)
Packaging Type: Paperback
Pages: 400

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