Sex, Drugs and a Buddhist Monk

A stepping stone towards a silent mind.


Sex, Drugs, and a Buddhist Monk is a memoir. It tells the story of a fateful (and nearly fatal) trip to Thailand, which started in debauchery but ended in enlightenment.
A severely obese, depressed, anxious alcoholic and drug abuser, Luke Kennedy was trying to get his life together and reset his life, but he ventured over to Thailand for one last hurrah. He partied hard, overdid it, and his path collided with prostitutes, drug dealers, and violence. This story is an action-packed story of a fight to escape violence and deal with a Monk that forced him to confront his demons.
ISBN: 9781922579218
Published: SEP/22 (AU/NZ), OCT/24 (US), OCT/22 (UK)
Packaging Type: Paperback
Pages: 288

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