Immortals of English Cricket


In The Immortals of English Cricket, Bill Ricquier tells the cricketing life stories of eleven of Englands greatest (male) cricketers. Ricquier selects his Immortal English team from players who didnt just dominate, they changed the game with their sheer will.

Those portrayed include: Jack Hobbs, the highest run-scorer in the history of first-class cricket; Ian Botham, who was the most famous sportsman in the country in the 1980s; and James Anderson, Englands leading Test wicket taker. Selected also is Wilfred Rhodes, the legendary slow left arm bowler who made almost 40,000 first-class runs and took over 4,000 first-class wickets, and the extraordinary Fred Trueman, described as the finest bloody fast bowler that ever drew breath.

The Immortals of English Cricket will inspire discussion, debate and controversy but indisputably represents a team of remarkable skill and character, one to proudly represent the Crown and Three Lions on any Elysian field.
ISBN: 9781925946123
Published: AUG/21 (AU/NZ), SEP/21 (UK)
Packaging Type: Hardback
Pages: 216

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