Immortals of Australian Rugby Union


Hardcover and jacket gift book which names a best of the best 15-strong line-up of Australian rugby union players. Each Immortal player named is profiled in a dedicated chapter with career stats and multiple action images. There is also a group of honourable mentions and an Immortals Wallaby side. Features 100 photographs and key statistics.
The Immortals of Australian Rugby Union celebrates the greatest players to wear the green and gold for the Wallabies. It takes the Immortals concept made famous elsewhere in the sporting world and applies it to the 15-player game. Gordon Bray, the voice of rugby in Australia, chooses his XV Immortals, telling the remarkable stories behind pioneering and modern-day Wallabies.
ISBN: 9781922662033
Published: JUN/24 (AU/NZ)
Packaging Type: Hardback
Pages: 208

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