Immortals of Australian Rugby League


The Immortals concept has become an established part of the Australian rugby league scene. It honours a very select group of former players regarded as the games elite. Since 1981, when four former Australian Test captains were inducted as rugby leagues first Immortals, a further nine identities have been added to the prestigious group. These players werent just high achievers and standout performers, but also influential identities who set a new benchmark and changed the way rugby league is played.

The Immortals of Rugby League delves into the illustrious careers of the 13 individuals who have attained Immortal status. The book describes their attributes and characteristics, in addition to their achievements and accomplishments at club, state and international level. The glory, triumphs and heroics, mixed with setbacks, controversies and disappointments, reflect their unique standing in rugby league. With career statistics, personal details and a range of photographs included, readers can enjoy an array of information about rugby leagues Immortals.

Liam Hauser has written numerous books on rugby league and cricket, and has also worked as a sports reporter for several print and online media outlets.
ISBN: 9781925946031
Published: AUG/19 (AU/NZ), AUG/19 (US), AUG/19 (UK)
Packaging Type: Hardback
Pages: 232

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