Ford: The Muscle Car Classics 196979 tells the story of those magnificent highly charged machines from the Falcon XW GT-HO to the XA, XB and the Cobra Series, and the men who made them work. These are muscle cars that, decades on, command instant respect. And they ooze all the excitement, emotion, colour, freedom and raw power of their time.Ford captures the stories from the glory days round the Bathurst roads. It features photos, stories and a comprehensive history of the countrys best loved cars, plus a detailed analysis of all the muscle car models.

Celebrates the great Muscle Car Ford era of the Falcon XW GT-HO and the XA, XB and Cobra series Over 300 photographs and great design Content covers famous names like Moffat From the team that brought you Holden, Bathurst, Holden vs Ford and Muscle Car Mania Great $29.99 price point The perfect gift for Fathers Day and Christmas for the Aussie male! Huge media campaign by Rockpool Publishing

This product is no longer available.

ISBN: 9781925017748
Published: AUG/15 (AU/NZ), AUG/15 (UK)
Packaging Type: Other

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Steve Normoyle

Steve Normoyle is the Editor of Motorsport News, long time motorsport enthusiast and journalist and has over 10 years experience as a motoring and motorsport journalist.

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