Fiona Horne

Fiona Horne is one of the world’s most respected witches. She is the author of fourteen bestselling books on modern witchcraft, published over the last two decades, which see her writings having a generational impact on the evolution of the modern witch. Her tireless devotion to dispelling negative myths and stereotypes contributes to the freedom of modern witches to practice their craft today without fearing vilification and persecution.
Thirty years ago she launched a career in the entertainment industry as the lead singer of number one Aussie 90s electro-rock band, Def FX, before continuing on to be a popular radio and television personality, appearing on many programs around the world. Stepping away from her entertainment career in recent years, she is now a commercial pilot, public speaker and humanitarian/animal aid worker.
Her personal passions include being a world record holding skydiver, professional fire dancer, yoga instructor, freediver and sailor.

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